Editor-in-Gloss for L’oreal Paris!!!

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful” – Sophia Loren

Me trying to look sassy

I think that the way we look has a lot to do with the way we feel. My true joy comes from trying new beauty products and seeing what the outcome is.  Whether we realize it or not, makeup and fashion are all forms of self-expression. I love that I can wake up in the morning and have the freedom to choose how I want to look. Do I feel dark and edgy? Or girly and sweet? I’m not saying that beauty is solely physical, but when we are able to improve our outer selves we gain confidence from within. The confidence that’s needed to overcome anything, whether it be a job interview, speaking in public, or talking to your crush. In my heart, I believe that we truly are all beautiful in our own ways. Our uniqueness is what makes us beautiful; whether that by physical, emotional or mental.

I have my bachelors in Communications with a double concentration in Public Relations & Advertising and Broadcast Journalism. I chose Communications as my major because I genuinely enjoy all aspects of mass media. It’s a major form of communication to audiences today. I became proficient in using Adobe: InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator to create my own fictional beauty campaign. I was able to utilize these tools to create a logo, slogan, newsletter, house ad, brochure, event booklet and more. Creating my own campaign was a lot of hard work, but it was also fun because I was able to challenge myself, my creativity; and I pushed myself to create what I imagined in my mind.

Some people say that having so much social media at our fingertips is a curse, but I think it’s a blessing… if it is used correctly. Having the ability to be informed and knowledgeable is a privilege that not all people have. Whether we are being informed about the latest lipstick L’oreal created or what’s going on across the world. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are tools that we don’t always use to our advantage.
Not only does social media keep us informed, but it also gives us ideas. I love looking at Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube for makeup and fashion ideas. It stirs up a joy inside of my that’s hard to put into words. It’s a way for people to connect, and a way to represent yourself to others.
What a company posts on their website and social media accounts is crucial to that company. One picture posted on Instagram represents that brand. So every brand needs to be represented accurately, if they want to have loyal consumers and expand. I think that because I have my bachelors degree in Communications and have a genuine passion for social media, fashion and makeup, I would be the best fit as your social media guest editor. I am knowledgable about fashion and makeup, but I still have a lot to learn, and I’m excited to do just that!
Makeup and Fashion are always expanding and changing, and that’s the beautiful thing about it. It’s not definite, it’s not concrete, and whats beautiful to one person may not always be beautifulto another person. It’s so subjective, and that’s why everyone can relate and use makeup in different ways. This would be an amazing opportunity, and if you chose me as the guest editor I promise I won’t let you down!!

October Favorites: Mac, L’oreal, Colourpop and More!

October Faves!!!

So it’s only halfway through October, but I decided to write about my monthly faves. I may add more products throughout the month! Hope you guys enjoy my tips, and let me know what your monthly faves are!

Macs Margin & Soar❤

I will admit, I absolutely love mac products. I believe that some higher end products are over rated, but Mac is not one of them.You’re definitely getting your money worth with Mac.


I have yet to find a blush that can compare to Macs Margin. I’ve tried tarte, Urban Decay, Nars and and drugstore products to find my perfect blush, but my heart always brings me back to Macs Margin. The quality of the this blush as well as it’s long lasting ability makes it the perfect pick. I automatically feel more glam when wear this, because it’s shimmery too. Its like a blush/highlight in one❤

As for lipliners, I really like soar, it’s got that whole 90’s Cindy Crawford look to it. And its great for Fall. I usually will put a nude lipgloss over it or pair the lip liner with Milani’s  “Naturally Chic” lipstick.


L’oreal True Match Foundation: Honey Beige L’oreal Telescopic Mascara

L’oreal Telescopic Mascara:

I was trying new mascaras, such as Maybelline and Covergirl which were good, but I love L’oreal telescopic mascara way too much to not put it in my monthly faves. I have very long lashes and this is the only mascara that really lifts them up, AND curls them. It’s so amazing for a drugstore product and I don’t need to apply a million coats to get beautiful lashes. Two coats and I’m gold!

L’oreal True Match Foundation

If you’re looking for a long lasting, lightweight foundation I’d highly recommend L’oreal true match. L’oreal also has this foundation in a “luminous” version, which leaves your skin glowing. It’s so pretty! I’m really impressed by L’oreal because even though they are affordable drugstore products (I bought mine at Target) the quality is amazing.

ColourPops Highly Waisted

Everyone loves a good highlight. I recently tried ColourPop Cosmetics “Highly Waisted” and it is soooo pretty. And it was only $8, you can’t find a good highlight for $8, its usually way more expensive. This product really highlights your cheek bones and once again, makes you feel glam. If a product makes you feel glam and isn’t expensive its a definite yes in my book.


Lorac’s TaNtalizer 

So I guess I’m all about the highlight this month. I stopped by Ulta, and came across this small bronzer called Lorac’s TaNtazlier and it was only $10. I don’t use this product as a bronzer, I use it to put a shimmer over my cheeks. It’s so pretty it makes me wanna cry :’) Happy tears though haha. They sell these in bigger cases too, but I’m a girl on a budget so I purchased the small one.

       Chobani Snack Pack Yogurt
Chobani-Flip-6I recently came across these great Chobani Greek Yogurt Flip Packs. I don’t know how long they’ve been out for, but I only recently came across them. I try eating quick healthy snacks because I’m always on the go, and the Chobani yogurts are so good. They only cost $1.28 or sometimes Target has a $10 for 10 special. My favorite one is coffee break bliss that has crunchy biscotti pieces with chocolate chunks. Yummy and only 190 calories. Chobani also carries the flip packs in chocolate, peanut butter, salted caramel crunch, peach and key lime just to name a few. So if you’re looking for a new healthy snack, I would definitely try these.

These were my faves for the month of October what are some of yours? Any new makeup products you’d recommend? What about new fall fragrances? Healthy snacks? Let me know, I’m open to new ideas :) 

Colourpop cosmetics: Lippie Product Reviews!!! <3

I absolutely love different brands and colors of lipsticks and lipgloss’ so I thought I’d share a few of my recent purchases!

I purchased lippie products from colourpop.com and I’m really pleased with the results. This website is great because everything is only $5. They have lipsticks, blushes and eyeshadows. I only purchased the lipsticks… btw when I got my lipsticks in the mail it was so cute, they sent what looks like an original handwritten letter addressed to me. It’s really cute and is a great way to make consumers feel important.

From left to right: Cake, Frida, Bound, Fancy, and BFF

From left to right: Cake, Frida, Bound, Fancy, and BFF

From Bottom to Top: BFF, Fancey, Bound, Frida, Cake

From Bottom to Top: BFF, Fancey, Bound, Frida, Cake

Back to the lipsticks- they’re creamy, very pigmented, and either have a matte or gloss finish. Love them! However, I would highly recommend that you purchase the liners when you purchase the lipsticks as well. The fact that the lipsticks are so pigmented requires a lipliner in order to look natural against your natural lip color. In order for my lipstick to look smooth against my lip I just apply a nude lip gloss over my lipstick. It also ways looks good and I always get compliments! Here are some swatches! My faves are Frida, which is like a really good Fall/Winter color, and my other face is Cake. I wear that one when I feel spunky and people always tell me it looks good. I have plenty other brands of lipsticks I like, but I thought this one would be great to review especially because it’s so affordable and new to the market. Let me know which lipsticks or glosses you recommend!



Cake :)


Depression- Finding the light

I think that at some point in our life we all go through depression. It may be on different levels, and may last for a longer or shorter period of time, but we’ve all battled this demon. I’d just like to say: this too shall pass. You’re depression, does not dictate what the rest of your life is going to be like. And I know it’s hard to understand that if you’re currently going through it, but hold on to some glimmer of hope and use that to get through your depression. Your life, is so much more than the struggle you’re going through now. When I went through depression my negative mindset and environment are what had the most affect on me. Here are some tips I used to be more positive:

Sometimes you're your biggest enemy

Sometimes you’re your biggest enemy

1. You are not your mistakes. When I got depressed I was mad at myself because I made a mistake; but we are human, we were created to make mistakes and learn from them. I had a bad habit of holding myself to a level of perfection that does not exist. Instead of learning from my mistake and helping it make me stronger, I dwelled on it and was letting it define me, which was stupid. One moment in your life does not define who you are. Finally when I was able to find beauty in my mistake, forgive myself and learn from my experience, that’s when I matured and grew as a person. I was someone who was so critical of myself and critical towards other people. After my depression I became less critical and less judgmental. Judging others- that’s not my job, that’s for the big guy upstairs. Battling depression was not fun, but it honestly made me a better person in the lone run.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others- Comparing yourself is just poison. It’s great to have goals and admire people who are at a certain level of success, admire someones beauty or sense of humor, etc. But to bash yourself or make yourself feel not good enough is foolish, it steals from your confidence. You are, exactly where you’re supposed to be in life. If you’re not happy with where you are that’s okay.  Create goals and work towards them. Focus all of your energy on becoming a better you. Don’t try to be someone else, being unique and different is what I find beauty in.

3. The energy you put our in the world, is the energy you get back- And I’m not meaning this in a hippie way. Lets say, you applied for a job, but did not get the position. You can either let that get you down, make you feel not good enough, make yourself think you’ll never find a great job, ORRRRR you can learn from that experience. Of course no one’s gonna be happy to hear that an employer chose to go with someone else, but you can learn about things you need to change in your resume, or your interview,  to get the job you want. Nobody likes a negative nancy, be someone that other people want to be around. I admire people who know how to handle their sh*t. That’s a quality that never came naturally to me. When I see that my friends make a mistake, but they own it and learn from it, it makes me want to be a better person all around.

godlyIf you’re dealing with depression it’s crucial to try and get out of any toxic environment. It’s hard to live a positive life when there’s negativity around you. Surround yourself with people who love and genuinely care for your well being. If you are in a situation where you feel like you may harm yourself, please for the love of God, seek help. Talk to a doctor, you won’t regret it. And always remember, that you are loved more than you know. You are good enough, you are beautiful enough, strong enough and completely worthy in the eyes of God. He loves you.

Morphe G6 Brush Review!!

Right after applying my l'oreal liquid powder foundation with my Morphe G6 brush.

Right after applying my l’oreal liquid powder foundation with my Morphe G6 brush.

Thus far, I am loving my Morphe G6 brush. I heard about this brand and this brush from Jaclyn Hill. Overall, my foundation still has the same look that I received when using a beauty blender. The brush is synthetic, so all of the product I’m using is not being lost in the brush, it’s all being applied to my face so I’m getting the biggest bang for my buck. The brush is dense enough to apply my foundation evenly, the bristles aren’t loose. That’s something that I always worried about when buying drugstore brushes. Drugstore brushes are made out of goat hair, it steals a lot of my product and the bristles are not close together, they’re not dense enough to really buff our my foundation. I Can’t wait to try out other Morphe brushes! Please let me know which ones you have tried and recommend! Even any other brands, please let me know! Thank you!!

Beauty Blender or Foundation Brush?

We all have different techniques when it comes to applying our foundation.Lol yes – I’ve used my hands to apply my foundation, then I moved up to a sponge and finally… the beauty blender. At first when I used the beauty blender I loved it. I thought my problems were solved and I never would have to tinker with the idea of purchasing an expensive foundation brush.

But about 6 months into using my beauty blender, I wondered if it really was worth it. The beauty blender is basically an oddly cute oval sponge. But that’s the problem, it’s a sponge. I had a feeling it was stealing more of my makeup instead of applying it to my face. And maybe that wouldn’t be such a big deal if I was using less expensive drug store products, however that’s no longer the case. I purchased a more expensive foundation- Tarte’s Amazonian Clay. It’s great, it stays on all day and leaves my face looking pretty darn flawless. But that tube of foundation was expensive, and I can’t afford to be losing product because the beauty blender is sucking it all up.

This is what I looked like right after I used my beauty blender. I know it leaves my makeup looking flawless, but my whole dilemma is if its absorbing too much of my makeup.

Beauty Blender Pros

  • Let’s get a few things straight though: the beauty blender works.
  • Okay, it applies the makeup to your face evenly and is a good purchase.
  • It also gets into areas that a makeup brush may not be able to get into– like the area in between your nose and eye.

Beauty Blender Cons

  • It’s taking my hard earned cash I used to purchase foundation and stealing it!
  • It’s also a little weird to set aside. I didn’t purchase mine with a case and I don’t really know if there are cases for beauty blenders. So a lot of germs can easily get into contact with it when its roaming around free in your makeup bag—- acne breakout anyone?
Beauty Blender: Btw if anyone is interested in buying a beauty blender, don't buy it from a high end store such as Sephora, they're way overpriced. You can get the same product at Marshall's for only $4.

Beauty Blender: Btw if anyone is interested in buying a beauty blender, don’t buy it from a high end store such as Sephora, they’re way overpriced. You can get the same product at Marshall’s for only $4.

I had to put an end to this madness. So I purchased Morphe’s G6 buffering brush. Not too expensive for a brush with great reviews and intend on conducting my own review. I’m guessing the switch to a brush is going to be a smarter investment, I’ll be sure to let everyone know! 

Morphe's G6 Flat Buffer Brush $13

Morphe’s G6 Flat Buffer Brush $13

Finding Your Freaks: Niche Audiences

I love reading blog posts from ChrisBrogan.com. When I read those blogs I feel like I’m sitting down right next to him having a conversation. I read the blog “The Single Most Effective Change I Made to My Digital Presence.” Brogan explains that the details of social media have changed. Here are just a few ways it has changed:

Before: The tone of social media was conversational, now it’s becoming more promotional.
Before: Social media was all about “thoughtful sharing” now it’s more “shove it over the wall” type of approach.
Before: Users were eager for lots of information. Now: Users are drowning in information.
Before: Users were happy to be part of any social media group. Now: Users want to find people like them.
Because there are so many changes in media presence, your tactics as a PR practitioner also have to change in order to effectively communicate with your niche audience.

Free Information

“The biggest change I made to my digital presence is that I stopped trying to please everyone and I started serving the very specific community I’ve had the pleasure to serve.”

So instead of putting so much work and effort into this blog, where his followers receive free information, Brogan puts a lot of his valuable material in the content that isn’t free. If you put so much information into a free website people may take you for granted and eventually take on the attitude of “I’ll just read this later” meaning never. Brogan has put a lot of his effort into “building low cost but valuable projects” like his Foundation Group, or Digital Business Mastery course. “Instead, I just add a lot more value to the not-free information, because the people who are choosing to consume that information are really doing something with it.” This reminds me of what one of my professors said. In my TV Journalism Course Professor Paul Conti said to never work for free. Especially when it comes to creating videos which is very time consuming and requires hard work. Even if you’re right out of college don’t supply free work because people will take you for granted.

Find Your Freaks
When Brogan uses the term “freaks” he means people who are genuinely interested in the content he posts. The people who are part of his niche audience. For Brogan, the content he posts isn’t about getting the most likes, or comments on his page. It’s about serving people who are passionate. “I’m building something, and I need to gather up the people who want to work on their growth and goals in the ways that I can help. If I can’t help you, I don’t want to take up your time.” This is effective for both users and Brogan. The users don’t have to waste time going through material that is uninteresting. People who pay for Brogans information actually care about everything he has to say. He knows he’s not boring them.


Digital Presence and Success of Apps
Digital Content is also a reason why apps are so effective. People who are looking for a specific solution research apps, find one they like and use it. In the article “Digital Content Trends That Will Change the World,” Ritika Puri discusses how digital content effects many of us, “Digital content is helping everyday people live healthier, start businesses, and get smarter. Think of Pinterest. I love finding new work out ideas on the app and always use them when I go to the gym. My love for Pinterest is changing my every day life because I’m attempting to eat healthier, and work out harder.

According to the article, “6 Apps That Changed the World,” the invention of apps really took off in 2008, and the impact of smartphones on our society has been life changing. This year there will be over 100 billion app downloads worldwide creating a global revenue of $26 billion.Here a the apps on my phone.












These are some of the most popular apps:

Angry Birds
The Angry Birds phenomenon began in December of 2009. This game was similar to Nintendo games and was claimed to be very addictive. While I have not played the game, I heard about it from friends, via Twitter, and via my Facebook news feed.

The way we gather and listen to music is always changing. Spotify can be downloaded with any smartphone or tablet and allows you to access 20 million songs. This is a very convenient app especially if you’re always on the go and don’t have time download single songs to add to your iTunes playlist.

150 million people use Instagram every month and the Instagram community has posted more than16 billion photos to date. 55 million new photos are shared every day on Instagram, and there are 1.2 billion daily likes. This app became so popular because we let pictures speak as snapshots of our lives. Plus the ability to filter each photo makes it that much more desirable and glamorous.

The word “Ushahidi” is Swahili for “testimony” or “witness”. This app was created as a source for  “democratising information, increasing transparency and lowering the barriers for individuals to share their stories.” This was created because of the Kenyan crisis in 2008. It began as a website where users could look at eye witness reports of violence which were plotted on Google map. This app has been used to help with humanitarian efforts of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti to studying the Armenia parliamentary election in 2012.

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